Rashelle Beasley Portrait Rashelle Beasley, TMP
CVB Director

Fun Fact: Rashelle once painted over the entire Art Park without a break...she is still painting.

Katie Corley PortraitKatie Corley
Sales Manager

Fun Fact: Katie recently traveled to Africa on a family vacation...all she brought home was her new pet Eland named Squirt.

Shelby Nichols Portrait Shelby Nichols
Manager of Marketing and Communications

Fun Fact: Shelby drove from Mississippi to Albany to start her career. She is excited to announce that the Georgia peaches have lived up to the hype.

Audrey Brienza Portrait Audrey Brienza
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Audrey came to Albany from Atlanta by swimming the Flint River...she is the only woman to beat Micheal Phelps in competition.

Glen Cheatham Portrait Glen Cheatham
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Glen once channeled his inner Forrest Gump and ran in the footsteps of every Civil Rights Protest continuously...he is still running.

Harriet Gaines Portrait Harriet Gaines
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Harriett, a native of Albany, is the go-to person for your Albany questions...she has been with the Welcome Center since the doors first opened. 

Holly Halford Portrait Holly Halford
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Holly once represented the Welcome Center in an epic Beat Box battle at Veteran’s Park...she will be honored with a statue next month.

Melanese Roberts Portrait Melanese Roberts
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Melanese travels the state with her one person Ray Charles cover band...she sings in Braille.

Teresa Smith Portrait Teresa Smith
Welcome Center Manager