Rashelle Beasley Portrait Rashelle Beasley, TMP
CVB Director

Fun Fact: Rashelle once painted over the entire Art Park without a break...she is still painting.

Katie Corley PortraitKatie Corley
Sales Manager

Fun Fact: Katie recently traveled to Africa on a family vacation...all she brought home was her new pet Eland named Squirt.

Audrey Brienza Portrait Audrey Brienza
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Audrey came to Albany from Atlanta by swimming the Flint River...she is the only woman to beat Micheal Phelps in competition.

Glen Cheatham Portrait Glen Cheatham
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Glen once channeled his inner Forrest Gump and ran in the footsteps of every Civil Rights Protest continuously...he is still running.

Harriet Gaines Portrait Harriet Gaines
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Harriett, a native of Albany, is the go-to person for your Albany questions...she has been with the Welcome Center since the doors first opened. 

Holly Halford Portrait Holly Halford
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: Holly once represented the Welcome Center in an epic Beat Box battle at Veteran’s Park...she will be honored with a statue next month.

Melanese Roberts Portrait Melanese Roberts
Information Clerk

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Melanese travels the state with her one person Ray Charles cover band...she sings in Braille.

Teresa Smith Portrait Teresa Smith
Welcome Center Manager