Albany’s Bridge House & Welcome Center

Albany’s Bridge House & Welcome Center

The restored circa 1858 Historic Bridge House, now home to the Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau, was built by African-American bridge builder Horace King.  The city’s founder, Nelson Tift, hired King to construct the structure to control the bridge’s traffic by requiring those crossing the river to pass through the building and past the toll collector’s office. In 1915, the property served as P.A. Keenan’s Empire Smithing Company, a blacksmith, wheelwright and general repair business. After WWI, the building and business was transformed into Keenan Auto Parts Company. Eventually, the facility would come to house the Albany Welcome Center in 2008. 

A history tour of Albany begins within these four walls. Come by the Bridge House and immerse yourself in the beauty and story of this structure. Tours are available at request. 

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