5 Tasty Summer Treats in Albany

Posted on 6/29/2020 by Shelby Nichols

Categories: Family Friendly

When summer hits, the tone shifts. The kids are out, they always want snacks and sweets, and if they’re eating them, hey, why can’t you? Here are five of my personal favorite treats, because honestly summer is here and all that time for dieting has passed. Let’s be honest, it’s too late for the perfect beach bod, so let’s give (and dig) in.

The Rocket – The Rocket Payload Peanut Butter Overload Milkshake

I must admit, this is a personal favorite amongst the fantastic array of milkshakes offered by this fine institution. Get ready for a tasty combo of Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and peanut butter swirled into a delicious milkshake sure to make peanut butter lovers rejoice!

The Catch - Blueberry Cake  

This cake is the stuff of legends. Truly, I will state that this is the best cake I have ever eaten. One time I went to The Catch and they had run out and I learned my tough lesson, now I order it as soon as I get to the table, so they stash a piece away for me. Yes, it’s that good! Don’t believe me? Go try it!

The Cookie Shoppe – Cookies. Cookies. And More Cookies!

The Cookie Shoppe’s cookies do NOT disappoint. Ok, I'm sure based off the restaurant's name that'd be a no-brainer, but they really are that good! Mrs. Mona and crew down at the Cookie Shoppe know how to bake them up just right and having you buying one cookie each visit. Okay, maybe two or three.

The Bread House –  All the Bread Pudding

The Bread House has bread pudding, but they love to mix it up. You never know what spin they’ll put on it day to day, but I can guarantee it’ll be good.

The Flint – Georgia Peach Cheesecake

The Flint has multiple standout items, but I'll argue that the dessert that'll leave you raving to everyone you know is the Georgia Peach Cheesecake. If peach cobbler and cheesecake had a child this would be the result, and it’s one beautiful baby. 

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