Pasta in the Good Life City

Posted on 10/17/2019 by Shelby Nichols

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Let's dig in, shall we?

Austin’s Firegrill – New Orleans Pasta

                Proving you don’t have to drive six hours for delicious creole pasta, Austin’s New Orleans Pasta features Cajun-seasoned shrimp, mushrooms and sausage served with a creamy Alfredo sauce so good you’ll  swear you hear  zydeco music.

The Catch – Shrimp Bucktown

                Tasso ham, sautéed shrimp, mushroom and roasted peppers, Cajun gravy. PASTA. Sign us up! This yummy favorite with just enough kick to send your taste buds through the roof is instantly a crowd pleaser at The Catch.

Villa Gargano – Baked Spaghetti

                An Albany, Georgia institution with a third generation Italian chef at the helm, Villa Gargano’s has been serving up authentic Italian dishes for close to six decades, so it’s no surprise their baked spaghetti --with its mounds of melted mozzarella--was named one of the state’s “100 Plates Locals Love” in recent years.

The Rocket – Rocket Creole Sausage and Chicken Pasta

                Come try what The Rocket refers to as an “outer orbit experience!” Tender chicken, Thor Curtis jalapeño cheddar sausage, fresh tomatoes and red bell peppers served atop--of course--pasta! But this isn’t just any pasta, it’s pasta tossed in a creole mustard-infused cream sauce flavored with that king of creole-cooking, Zatarain's!

Picnic Pizza – Linguini ala Scampi

                Picnic Pizza is more than just pizza. Actually, it’s some of the best pasta around with several delectable choices from which to choose! My personal favorite is the Linguini ala Scampi. Shrimp, linguini and a heavenly garlic and wine sauce make up this dish which will have you licking the plate. When no one is looking, of course.

The Flint – Mussels and Chorizo Linguine

                The Flint’s Mussels and Chorizo Linguine will have your table talking about it for days. Served in a red wine sauce, this dish has all the flavors of onions, peppers and garlic, with mussels and chorizo that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. The Flint doesn’t shy away from putting tasty, unique spins on their dishes and this one is a winner.

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