A picture is worth a 1,000 words…and millions in revenue for hotels?

Posted on 10/18/2013 by Rashelle

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Courtesy: thefiscaltimes.com
Courtesy: thefiscaltimes.com

Everyone knows that pictures often tell way more about us than we can say…or sometimes even WANT to say. Hotels are no different.

A recent Hotelmarketing.com blog post states what many already knew but few had really taken into consideration. Photos of a hotel online can make or break increases in hotel revenues:

When travel shoppers are combing the internet for the perfect hotel they are engaged by dynamic visuals. The key question is, which images will have them pulling out their credit cards to book a night’s stay?

So what images make the biggest impact?

As one would imagine, pictures of the guest rooms are the number-one-most-viewed photos on hotel sites. But would you guess that a photo of a restaurant or bar on premises is next on the list? How about dynamic photos of your hotel’s recreational opportunities?

Check out the full list here.

So do your bottom line a favor. Pull out a camera and shoot some interesting, engaging and fresh photos of your property. You’ll likely woo prospective guests and will keep your property’s presence on the web dynamic in the process.

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