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Posted on 4/17/2015 by Rashelle

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Growing up, I was fortunate to have a set of grandparents that loved fresh vegetables and fruit. We would visit and spend a good portion of our weekend shucking corn or shelling beans. The reward? All that delicious, fresh cooking that I always related to my grandmother’s house.  Unfortunately, I lost the chance for her creamed corn in 2012 when Ed Nanny moved on to a higher place. (No one’s pecan pie or green beans will ever compare). But, it taught me to appreciate the local produce wherever I was living.

Where else would you want an apple than from Washington or a potato than from Idaho? Or pineapple in Hawaii and oranges in Florida? Can’t forget the boiled peanuts in the Southeast. When you eat something that fresh, your taste buds rejoice. So when traveling, why wouldn’t you want some local flavor? And now that spring has sprung, the local produce starts blossoming. While visiting Albany, check out these fine establishments to fit your Georgia grown desires.  

Looking for the right produce for this time of year? Your number one destination is Mark’s Melon Patch on Highway 82. If the desired fruit or vegetable you are looking for is in season, this farmer’s stand is sure to have it. Need something to spice up the produce? Choose between the local honey, locally made preserves, marinades, sauces and more. Then there are the nuts…everything you could want. From honey roasted to chocolate covered, you will find pecans in any way you can imagine. And enjoy the aroma…I can smell the boiled peanuts from here. You will give in, I promise. There on a hot day? Nothing goes down smoother then the homemade peach ice cream. 

Speaking of homemade deliciousness, you are likely to find that and more at the Tift Park Community Market on Saturdays. The South is known for little town markets and this is a prime example. Up to 70 vendors on some weekends, the market is full of local produce, local food vendors, and local arts and crafts. The best mornings are spent grazing the tents and listening to the soft music of a local musician. Open in the spring and summer every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, you can’t miss this Albany market.

Won’t be in town on Saturday? Then ride over to Tommy Mc’s at Lancaster Village. This local produce and country store definitely makes your stomach rumble. Much like Mark’s Melon Patch, you will find natural honey, jellies and sauces. But, there are also cakes, cookies and pies for the biggest sweet tooth. Grab a bottle of wine from a South Georgia vineyard and make dinner complete with your choice of in-season produce and meats from area farms.

While in town, I encourage you to try any of our local eateries. Many have that signature dish that is to die for and leave you with a South Georgia taste. Who is ready to awaken their appetite through a Georgia grown feast?

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