Bany’s Best Burgers

Posted on 5/28/2020 by Rashelle Minix

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Say it ain’t so, now we have an excuse to eat some good ol’ fashioned carbs? Swell!  From classic fixin's to fancy whatnots, Albany, Georgia is serving up some seriously good (cheese-covered) meats-- let’s explore some of the best in the business, shall we?

Harvest Moon
The Big Jerry is well known in Albany and for good reason. It’s a double burger with bread & butter pickles, American cheese and grilled onions--all laid out on a potato roll. Yes, it’s pretty simple. Yes, it’s pretty delicious. No, it’s not always pretty when devouring it, but Harvest Moon is a judgement free zone, I can vouch for that.
Austin’s Firehouse Grill
Austin’s serves up quite the cheeseburger, with options galore. Get ready for this: American cheese, bleu cheese, cheddar, swiss, YUM. Can we just have all the cheese? They may look at you like you’re a walking ambulance but I’m sure it’s allowed. Someone should test it out. I guess I could take one for the team.
Manor House Pub
Yeah, I hear you, a burger at a pub--so original.  It’s even called Pub Bacon Cheeseburger, so yes, they know. They embrace it. Let me tell you this. This burger is SO good. Want to know the secret? Boom. Boom. Sauce. Along with lettuce, tomato, Vidalia onions, bacon and cheddar cheese, the boom boom sauce makes that burger boom boom right into my belly.
The Rocket
Boy, have we hit the motherload! The Rocket has 10-count them, 10 types of cheeseburgers on their menu, including three specialties: When Pigs Fly—a kind of bacon overload, Cows Over the Moon—topped with a scoop of homemade pimento cheese  and the Third Stage Burger which is smothered in enough sautéed jalapenos to cause a bit of “afterburn.” Did y'all hear something? It was my stomach rumbling in protest that we aren't there. 

The Flint
Albany’s newest restaurant knows how to do up a burger! The Flint Burger is almost heaven. Wagyu beef, bison and venison make up the patty. Combined with the classic fixings on a yummy brioche bun, this burger is worth every cheesy calorie.

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