National Chicken Wing Day 2019

Posted on 7/29/2019 by Rashelle Minix

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What’s not to love about chicken wings? Bone-in, boneless, they’re delicious and can be prepared with so many sauces and flavors. The Good Life City has its fair share of spots where you can fill that wing craving. No matter your flavor, Albany has you covered!

Austin’s Grill and Bar: Austin’s has five sauces of your choosing for either boneless or bone-in wings. Asian Fusion delivers lemon pepper and teriyaki flavors, while Austin’s Signature sauce is “medium heat, sweet to eat.” Not hot enough for you? Dive into The Lip Burner. That should set you free.

Billy Boys: Over at Billy Boys, Zayn has concocted two new flavors sure to make your taste buds dance. The, ahem, Better Than Sex sauce and Freaky Deaky sauce are already popular among customers and can even be bottled up if you just have to take it home – no questions asked.

The Flint: The Flint may be the newest restaurant in Albany, but their wings are already getting tons of hype. Known as the Flint Wings, these chicken wings are applewood smoked, fried up and served with some blue cheese dressing. Absolutely delicious and worth every bite.

Good Times Wings, Shrimp and Fish: Though Good Times has the perfect trinity of delicious eats, I could argue that wings are their claim to fame. From their Cajun flavor to Hawaiian Twist, Good Times thinks outside the box to offer customers a wide variety of options.

Harvest Moon: Say hello to our 2019 winner of Albany’s Best Chicken Wings! With eight flavors to try, Harvest Moon is chicken wing central. Italian, Corbie and Teriyaki sauces are just a few of the options if you want to mix it up! The teriyaki flavor is particularly enticing. Congratulations, Harvest Moon!

Icons: With nine flavor options, Icons is a well-known wing stop in Albany. From Lemon Pepper, to Honey Braised, to Lemon Pepper Ranch, Icons brings the flavor. 

JC’s Wingz: If spicy is your thing, you can’t pass on JC’s. From Lick Ur Top Lip Wings, to Overheated, you’re gonna need a nice cold beverage to accompany this heat. With Ranch and BBQ flavors as options as well, this place will satisfy any craving.

The Rocket: The Rocket serves up super terrestrial flavors, from Rocket Fuel (Traditional Hot Wing Sauce) to Full Honey Moon (Spicy Honey Stung Sauce). No matter your preference, these wings with launch your taste buds into yesteryear! 

Tay’s Wings: Tay’s Wings doesn’t play when it comes to their namesake. 11 wing sauces are options for faithful fans, such as Hot Lemon Pepper Sauce and Smokey Wing Sauce. Yum!

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