Summertime in Albany, GA means summer camps!

Posted on 6/30/2014 by Rashelle

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Summertime is officially in full swing in Albany, Georgia: the days are full of sunshine, the crickets are chirping, and fireflies are dancing just as soon as the sun starts to sink! We love the summer here in southwest Georgia because there are so many more ways to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, like kayaking on the river or a trip to explore Radium Springs Gardens.

Another thing we love about the summertime are all the opportunities for kids, both local and from far and wide, to experience the incredible educational assets unique to Albany at Chehaw Park, the Flint RiverQuarium, and more. Did you know that there are all kinds of summer camps available during the month of July for kids of practically any age and any interest? Check out a sampling below of some of the educational opportunities for kids in Albany while they’re out of school for the season!

Science Camps

Arts Camps

Athletic Camps

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