There are new ‘roos in the zoo!

Posted on 11/12/2013 by Rashelle

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There's new roos in the zoo!
(Credit: WFXL-TV Fox 31)
A new Joey pokes his head out of his mom’s pouch Tuesday at Chehaw, Albany’s one-of-a-kind park and zoo.

What is cute, cuddly and likes to box? Why a Joey of course!

Two new Joeys, or baby Kangaroos, have finally peaked out of their mother’s pouches at Chehaw, the Albany’s one-of-a-kind park and zoo, and are getting some good media attention in the Good Life City. 

Local Fox affiliate WFXL-TV posted a story Tuesday with this adorable photo. You can get their full story by clicking HERE.

Cuteness: It just comes natural in #AlbanyGa! 

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