Top Five Selfie Spots in Albany

Posted on 7/19/2019 by Rashelle Minix

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We’ve rounded up the 5 top selfie spots in Albany, so make sure to visit these hot spots and get some fun photos!
1) Ray Charles Plaza – Definitely known as one of Albany’s top attractions, this is a popular stop for tourists and great photos too! Sunrise and sunset are particularly beautiful times to hear Ray's songs and snap some shots.
2) Radium Springs Gardens – An array of insta-worthy locations are at Radium Springs. Did you know it’s one of the seven wonders of Georgia? Stroll through the gardens and leisurely take pictures as the mood suits you.
3) The Blue Hole at the Flint Riverquarium – More than 120 types of animals live here, so each experience will be completely unique. You don't want to miss this stop!
4) Flint River Railroad Bridge – Walk down to the Flint River where you'll see the Railroad Bridge, a haunting backdrop for some wonderful pictures. While here, don’t miss the 2.4 mile Flint River Trail for even more photo opportunities!
5) Chehaw’s African Veldt Ride – This 40-acre exhibit has seven different species of animals to behold! You'll make sure to capture different images with each stop.
Be sure not to miss these family-fun picture opportunities in Albany, Georgia!

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