What’s New in Albany?

Posted on 8/2/2018 by Rashelle Minix

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We sure love our tried-and-true local spots here in Albany, Georgia, but when something new comes along--you better believe we are going to check it out! They help shake it up and give us more choices, (as if we don’t have enough fabulous ones already)! Albany keeps bringing in more local businesses for us to enjoy, and although my wallet isn’t particularly happy about this development, I know I am! These are a few new things we’ve got going on here in town. 


Albany Dawg House is a brand-new business located right off South Slappey! As if we don’t already have enough amazing hot dog places to expand our waistlines, we’ve just been blessed with another. Locals have been packing in to see how this new kid on the block stacks up the local favorites, and rave reviews have been pouring in! It’s time to go see for yourselves, go try them out and see how they do their dogs.

Now that I’m sure I’ve convinced you to lose a few pounds, let’s talk about a beautiful boutique that has opened on the first floor of The Flats at 249 apartments located downtown. Bandit and the Babe has only been open for a few months but is gaining prominence as one of the best places to shop for women. Beautiful clothes and jewelry to match?

Too tempting!

Just get ready to double that spending allowance because another boutique has opened as well. Downtown Dawysn Boutique opened just last Saturday in Downtown Albany, becoming the newest business in the city! It feels young and trendy and has a nice atmosphere, it’s a good spot to do some serious debit card-damage with the girls. Yet another must-visit in Albany's ever-growing, hip downtown scene.

Attractions-wise, the splash pad at Chehaw is the headline of the day. Opening soon it will be located within the park, but outside of the zoo. If y’all haven’t noticed it’s a tad bit hot outside so I know I at least will welcome all refuge from submitting to heat stroke. This splash pad is a great way to stay cool and bring the kids to make some memories at Chehaw Park.

This list will be growing soon with new businesses and restaurants coming on the scene! I’m so excited to watch Albany grow, and I’m sure y’all are too. Shop local, think local.




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