MillerCoors receives ESGR award

Jul 22, 2014

By Brad McEwen, Albany Herald
ALBANY — Albany’s MillerCoors Brewery was recently recognized for its outstanding treatment of military reservists and National Guardsmen who are called to service and need support from their primary employer to fulfill their obligations.
At a brief presentation Monday at the brewery, Michael Bryant, the southwest Georgia representative of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), presented MillerCoors Vice President Tim Dill with the ESGR’s Seven Seals Award, considered the most inclusive award given by the military support group.
“The awards that the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserves have come in many different forms,” said Bryant. “This is the broadest, most wide-ranging award that there is.”
The brewery was given the award thanks to a nomination from employee Richard David Stone Sr., a senior process manager on the brewery’s can line and National Guard captain who was recently deployed to Afghanistan. While overseas, MillerCoors made a number of arrangements to assist Stone.
According to Stone, the brewery honored its commitment to not only keep his job open while he was deployed but also provided support through supplemental pay and care packages that were sent to him frequently while he was away.
“It’s amazing some of the support,” said Stone. “I wear two hats (one at MillerCoors and one in the guard). I try to draw a line between the two. With the support from my family, my wife and all of y’all it really makes it easy to do that. Y’all don’t know how much when you’re over there you have to stay focused. Knowing everything back here’s taken care of, is important. Just like I try to stay focused out here on the packaging line and let all that stuff go, over there I had to focus on that. And I knew everything was taken care of back here. I appreciated that.”
Dill, who accepted the award on the brewery’s behalf, said he felt the things service men and women do for their country are important and that it was important that the company do its part to support them.
“When I get up in front of military troops I tend to get nervous and humbled,” Dill said. “I did not have the opportunity to serve and all I can say to you is thank you. Thank you for your service, thank you for the commitment you make to the community and here to MillerCoors. We’ve got a vibrant MillerCoors veterans group here.”
The Seven Seals award is one of seven awards the ESRG gives to employers throughout the country, including the Patriot Award, which MillerCoors has also been awarded, the Spouse Patriot Award, the Above and Beyond Award, the Pro Patria Award, the Extraordinary Employer Support Award and the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award.

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