Beginning Blacksmith Class at Chehaw


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Beginning Blacksmith Class at Chehaw

Hey Folks! This is for the Beginning Blacksmith Class at Chehaw Park on June 1&2. There will be 10 spots for this class though the public is invited to view and the class is dirt cheap! All materials are included in the price.  Saturday will be mostly class time in the morning followed by forging in the afternoon. Sunday will be guided forging in the morning and open forges the rest of the day. A portion of the proceeds goes to support Chehaw Park! The class fee is NON REFUNDABLE! However we make every effort to work with students that get into a bind and are happy to work out credits to other classes down the road. For more detailed info call 229-591-4381

The class will cover…

  • Basic Tools and where to find them
  • Anvils and Anvil Shaped Objects 101
  • Basic Metallurgy
  • Building, starting, and maintaining solid fuel fires
  • Basic Hammer Technique
  • Methods: Drawing, tapering, squaring, bending, and twisting.
  • Projects: The S Hook, Forged Leaf, The Spoon, And A Basic Knife

Student Responsibilities

  • Students need to be of sound physical shape to participate
  • Students are required to bring Personal Protective Equipment. This includes, safety glasses, LEATHER gloves (please, no Mechanix gloves are any glove that has a polyester component), COTTON clothing, CLOSED toe footwear, and head covering of some sort. I will have extras on hand but bringing your own makes sure you have something that fits well!

Location: Chehaw

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