Keep the Red Wolves Howling


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Keep the Red Wolves Howling

Help Keep the Red Wolves Howling! Join Albany Beverage for a day in the zoo benefiting the rebuilding up the Red Wolves exhibit at Chehaw. You won’t want to miss the fun, the food, the beverages, & the live music from Stephen Harrell. Chehaw will donate a portion of ticket sales that day to match Cerveza Patagonia and Albany Beverage’s donation to the Red Wolf exhibit rebuild. FACT: To save the species from extinction, all the remaining red wolves were brought into captivity. Only 14 of these animals were considered true red wolves and they became part of a captive breeding program. FACT: There are over 200 red wolves in captive breeding programs across the country. The FWS will continue to protect these captive animals and work to grow the wild red wolf population in hopes of removing the animal from the endangered species list.

Location: Chehaw

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