Teacher’s Workshop- Drug Education

Thronateeska at DEA Traveling Exhibit

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Teacher’s Workshop- Drug Education

Angie Jones, retired from the Dougherty County School System, will be leading this continuing education workshop along with additional field experts and our regional DEA representative. The intent of this workshop is not only to provide the most current information, but to give educators more knowledge on how they can help their students’ mental state and ways to preserve and protect lives. Attendees will be provided with tools to help navigate difficult conversations at varying ages and highlight the topics below:


  • The Time to Talk is Now: Research shows waiting until middle and high school to discuss drugs is too late. We will provide information on when and how to approach certain ages.
  • Dangers of Being Under the Influence:  Diving into specific scientific and physiological impacts drugs like fentanyl, opioids, marijuana, and vaping have on the body.
  • One Pill Can Kill:  Fentanyl is the biggest drug problem causing the majority of fatal overdoses in the United States. We take an in depth look at its origin, its ubiquity, and its harmful effects.
  • Drug Emoji Codes:  Teens use social media to purchase drugs using emojis as codes. Use our resources to interpret.
  • Mental Health and Characteristics of Suicide: Metal health and drug misuse are closely connected. Recognizing mental health issues and signs of suicide can help students get the resources they need.
  • Georgia Amnesty Law: Many teens lose their lives unnecessarily. We will highlight the importance of students knowing the amnesty law and how it can preserve lives.
  • Narcan Awareness: Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and understanding how to safely administer this drug can preserve lives. Teaching students that Narcan is not a silver bullet is imperative.


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Location: Thronateeska at DEA Traveling Exhibit

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